About Credence

The landscape of new media marketing is undergoing a transformation. Trust is the most important corporate asset now – it needs to be continually managed for people to believe in the information that you disseminate. And this is the core philosophy that drives Credence Digital Marketing.

Ours is a team of strategically, creatively and technically motivated players who work together to create lasting and meaningful relationships with clients. The markets are hyper competitive today. A tactical mix of credible content and relevant technology is essential to form personalised brand relationships with your audience.

We offer a complete suite of digital marketing solutions that help you locate, understand, serve, retain, and impress your customers. Our methodologies comprise website management, content-centric search concepts, social media campaign management and software development.

You have plans that include:

  • Growth of your business
  • Building brand awareness
  • Boosting your web presence
  • Engaging audience within social media

We’ll assess the competitive environment and build a strategy to bring them in your reach.

Credence Digital Marketing is an ISO 9001 – 2008 certified organisation. Each member of our family brings in an area of specialisation that complements the company’s collective skill set. Delivering results and adding value at every touch point is our passion.